Sunday, March 30, 2014

Goals and Daydreams

Last night, I set myself the goal to reach 1000 words in my literature review. And I achieved it.

But there's just one thing. I did not reach those 1000 words in one night. It was a goal I had achieved over the course of a week, where I would be reading tonnes of literature and type a little each day.

The maximum word count for this literature review is 3000 words and I had told my supervisor I would hand in my first draft by the middle of this week.

And here's something else. I have set myself the goal of achieving 1000 words tonight, reaching approximately 2000 words. I was supposed to be finished with this thing last Friday according to the schedule I made myself. But my lab training took quite a bit out of me: both strength, concentration and motivation-wise.

I am already day-dreaming about the end of year break. I'm thinking of writing a story and putting it online. Not sure if anyone will read it though hahah. But yeah. I'm thinking of making a whole new blog just publishing maybe a daily post on this story. So I don't want to reveal too much about this story.. except that it's made me daydream A LOT when I should really be doing my assignment.

I'm just thinking of heaps of plots I could put into this. I think this story would sort of take the format of a soapie or something. Completely a guilty pleasure story that will most likely not have a message or any lesson you can take away from. But I promise to make it funny!

Well. This story thing is a LONG way away. DEFINITELY after Honours insha Allah.. which would be the end of November. Ya Allah! So far away T_T

Insha Allah I can get through this literature review and get a high mark for this. Really can't afford to slack off in Honours.



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