Sunday, March 2, 2014

And So.. Summer came to an end

 I have uni tomorrow.. meaning I may not have time for life. But I want things to be different starting from now. I have always been doing one thing at a time, when I could be doing so much more. I procrastinate a lot. I want to change all that.

I want a balance in life. It's time I seize control. Carpe diem baby!

This year may be one of the most hectic in my life. But I feel it is the year I will change for the better. Insha Allah I will be taking up other things. I have decided to go to shari'ah classes again and learn some fiqh. Fiqh is 'Islamic Jurisprudence' for those of you who are wondering :)
I've also set my mind to take up taekwondo again. But at the university. It's been around 8 years since I have last donned a taekwondo uniform and did some proper training in a group. I've quit the gym, but I do not want to quit exercise.

However, the taekwondo training times at uni are pretty inconvenient. They're from 7-9pm and I live like an 1-1.5hrs away.. hmmm. Still trying to work it out. But I will worry about that once I finish my GAMSAT exam Insha Allah, when I will have more free time.

And to reflect on the summer of 2013-14? It has been one of the most eventful and most exciting. I resurrected my blog, travelled to the northern hemisphere for the first time (the furthest I've ever been from home), visited family in Indonesia, ran a marathon, and found my goals.

I have learnt so much this summer. I will not forget all the experiences. I will collect them and treasure them in my heart. I am coming out of this summer refreshed and recharged!

I am determined. More than ever. To reach my goals. Insha Allah! Amiin!

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