Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Weekend to Chill [Finally!]

Okay, the weekend isn't all that chill.. in fact, we're in the middle of Autumn now and it's time to swap those shorts and t-shirts for some cosy sweatpants and jumpers :D

i don't wear shorts in public. i was talking about around the house. hahahah.

In public, I usually wear the same style in hail, rain or sunshine. For hijabi girls, it's all about the layering. I would wear like some spencers or longer tights underneath what I would usually wear and I'm pretty much comfy in that.


Literature Review Update

ALHAMDULILLAH my literature review is complete and I am in the final stages before submitting it in. Alhamdulillah, my primary supervisor says its good (Insha Allah) and now I'm just waiting for my co-supervisor's (who is the program head) review. My co-supervisor was in a conference in san diego so I guess it might take him a while to get back to me.

I actually sent my co-supervisor my second draft on Thursday afternoon. And in my email I told him it was like 1000 words over the limit and I needed to fix the reference list. I got a reply from him the next morning and the email said something along the lines of:

 "i think you should fix it up before sending it to us. I don't see much point in reviewing it if it's going to change again"

LOL. So the first time I read it, I felt really CUT. HAHAHH but then my primary supervisor sent me an email telling me not to worry about since he might be busy in the san diego conference. It's like my primary supervisor had a feeling I might feel a little cut! OMG. it makes me teary. Maybe it's because he's asian and we asians understand each other?

okay. Well I read the email again with a different mindset and didn't take it to heart and fixed everything up. Cut down words and fixed up my reference list then sent it in. 

I still haven't gotten a reply. It Sunday now and I know I shouldn't expect a reply over the weekend, but the literature review is due on Wednesday!

Well, I am having a meeting with my co-supervisor tomorrow. But my primary supervisor is going to be away for an entire week. :( So nervous about that meeting even though my co-supervisor's a pretty laid back guy. It's just that, he's a PROFESSOR and I, a measly honours student am just so intimidated by the distance in our ranks. I hope there isn't much bad stuff to discuss about my review tomorrow, insha Allah..

And insha Allah I get full marks in this literature review. Amiin!


Weekend Update

On Saturday, I had a shari'ah exam! And I left the labs early on Friday afternoon and my primary supervisor saw me walk out. Aaaaaa...

But I really had to study for that test.

And I didn't!

Looks like I went all out.. in reality I only read the revision sheets and some pages from the Textbook
Well I did, but not as much as I could of, considering I left early on Friday! I was so exhausted! And I fell asleep. I tried to study a bit more after Fajr on saturday. OMG, I feel like such an idiot for trying to study in bed. of course i was dropping in and out of sleep! :(

So how did the test go?

Well, it was good and bad. I'm pretty sure I won't get 100%. There were some questions that asked for proofs from the Quran and Sunnah in the aqeedah test. Although I could pretty much say some hadeeths, I COULD NOT provide any Quran proofs because I didn't memorise them when I was studying! I felt SO BAD. When I was studying, I couldn't read the arabic.. I can read arabic. It's just that, it didnt have the vowel marks and since I don't have an arabic background, it was hard to discern. And I didn't have time while studying to actually look them up :( I thought of memorising the english translation, but I didnt do that either!

i am so frustrated with myself. But insha Allah I do well in Fiqh..

These tests dont really count to anything.. I mean, you don't get a certificate or anything like you do in some shari'ah schools. BUT THIS STUFF COUNTS FOR THE AKHIRAH! Of course I want to do well! 

Everything is make me so frustrated. All this literature review, honours DUNYA stuff is taking over what is really important. And my performance in that shariah exam is proof of it!

I should really juggle my priorities. I am just praying to Allah SWT that I can juggle my life more. So I can strive for success in this dunya, and also in the akhirah Insha Allah.

Other Weekend things I did..

Leisurely things that I have do so far are.. watching Japanese movies and making myself porridge for breakfast.

As a consolation for the guilt I was feeling after that shari'ah exam.. I watch 2 Japanese films that day. I watched "The Girl that Leapt through Time"(TGTLTT) and "Hana and Alice"(H&A)

I don't want to write a whole review about those two films in this post because that would make this weekend update blog post REALLY LONG. But, they were very cute movies and I guess you could say you'd feel good after watching it. In TGTLTT, I guess you'll feel a combination of sadness, but it really makes you think about love and stuff. It wasn't too deep but it was enjoyable.
With H&A, I was confused after watching it. But now that I've thought about it some more.. it wasn't really about the plot. It was about a friendship between 2 girls.

I don't want to spoil anything, but hey reader. If you're interested in watching it and want to read a review by me.. then please say so! Otherwise, i guess you could find some reviews on the internet LOL. I'm not that good of a writer.

And this morning, I ate porridge! But not only that, I cooked it myself! It was so delicious!
I was inspired to make it after watching a Jamie Oliver youtube video:

I made the poppy-seed one. It was real tasty but when my mum dug in, she said it was salty :(
She didn't like the coconut in the porridge. My dad doesn't really like porridge, but he had a spoonful and he said it tasted nice. My dad doesn't usually complement my cooking so it was nice to hear.

I remember making mac&cheese and he said that it was okay but it was the type of food he'd only eat if he was really hungry. And he didn't like my ice-cream cake i made a couple of years back because it was really hard.. like a brick. HAHAHAH so yeah. But I think my cooking's been improving.
and don't ask about what my sisters think of my cooking because they're just real difficult to please.

We also had a Korean bbq yesterday. a HOME-MADE korean bbq. We're still trying to figure out the side-dishes and sauces to go with the Korean BBQ but alhamdulillah the meat was tasty. The wagyu meat is really yummy :3 And I was doing the meat-grilling. I think I'm pretty good at cooking meat, ALHAMDULILLAH. I cooked the lamb chops when we went to the snow and my family really liked it :D and so did they with the wagyu meat ^_^

Anyways.. I enjoy cooking but for now, I don't think I'll be cooking an entire meal for my family soon. Don't want to make anyone leave the dinner table because it's so bad LOL.

Chores for the weekend

So there's this giant pile of ironing to do and I should do them ASAP. Or maybe I should leave it to the public holiday that's coming around this Friday? I should really get to making that presentation for my lab meeting on Thursday :S

I'm very nervous.

But Insha Allah everything goes well!

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