Sunday, January 26, 2014

Being Australian on Australia Day

So, in my previous post, I said it was very unpatriotic of me to be eating Korean noodles on Australia day...
But I lied. The night before (which was a Saturday) I decided to make LAMINGTONS!! and might I add I was causing quite a 'racket' while the Women's Tennis Final was on?
Anyway. I made lamingtons because I felt like it and I had COMPLETELY forgotten that the next day would be Australia Day!

In fact, I thought it was on Monday!

Well. I stayed up covering my sponge cakes in chocolate icing and coconut till the middle of the night. Took a break. And finished covering all the pieces this morning.

And voila. I had my lamingtons ready to be eaten on Australia day. Oh how patriotic of me.. even though it was by complete coincidence and INITIALLY unintentional.
Some other very Australian things that happened in my day today was seeing my younger sister change her bed covers into an Australian flag print! Yep. I must admit, they are very cool. While I sleep in my Arsenal bed covers (im a gooner you see ; D )

And something else.

Whilst I was flipping the channels between two very intense games of cricket and tennis, I saw that Wawrinka was only a few games away from winning his first grand slam, in his first grand slam final against, disappointedly, a very injured Nadal.

But oh the joy I felt seeing the underdog win the Australian grand slam. Stanislas wawrinka,  the man who ousted the defending Aus Open champ, Novak Djokovic, the underdog wins the Aus Open! Love it! Althought it was quite a boring yet painful, Murray-less tennis game, I was on the edge of my seat!

And the cricket. Oh the cricket game that sealed this years Australia Day as my most Australian Australia Day ever. England only needed 12 more runs from 12 balls to win the ODI game (Australia had already won the series), while Australia needed 3 more wickets to get England all out. It was seriously the most intense thing when I saw the Australians appeal against England's Bopara. It was such a close call to see whether his leg was on tbe ground before the bail on the wicket was dislodged from its groove. And it was out!

With 2 wickets remaining,  it looked possible for the Aussies to clinch the win. And Englands run chase was ever so close!
But alas, I chose that time to flip to the tennis to watch wawrinka,  who was only one more game left to winning the championship. And we all know what happened next.
Wawrinka won.

I flipped to the cricket and to my shock, I see a close up on Michael Clarke doing a victory lap.
 So.. Australia had won, by 5 runs. Kinda disappointed I didn't see that final dismissal of that ODI series..

But still. So proud of Australia! After a disappointing Ashes test in England, they were able to retain the Ashes here, back home in an epic whitewash. And to seal it with a cherry on top, they sent England packing with nothing. Not even an ODI series win.

Although it was a 4-1 victory in the ODI for the Aussies, a whitewash in that would have been the sprinkle of icing on top. Unnecessary,  but would've made it just a tad bit bit sweeter! Especially since England won the previous 3 Ashes tests.
Poor Captain Cook of England would be going home with heavy shoulders. And not from a bag of trophies on his back thats for sure.
No, Im not talking about THAT Captain Cook of the Endeavour that came to Australia, this day many years ago...

LOL. How interesting! Australia Day marks the day Captain Cook of the 'Endeavour' first landed on Australian shores. And I guess the Aussie win has now sunk present day's Captain Cook's boat. Ahahahah.  Okay. That joke was a little lame. Ahahah.
Though I may not be the most Australian person in Australia,  I love this country and am proud to be Australian.

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