Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vanilla Cupcake + Green Tea Icing [makes ~24 cupcakes]

You sure you really want to make this thing?

Okay... here it goes.

I've always been a diagram sort of person. I love looking at pictures over reading words. So I always turn recipes into a giant flowchart. To some people, it probably looks like its overcomplicating it. But to me, it makes it easier. I've been making an entire notebook on it. And I guess that's something to hand over to my grandkids ahahha. Even though the recipes weren't originally mine.

I find my recipes online.. and mix them together to make my own I guess.

Basic Cupcake + Frosting Flow Chart Recipe

And to have green tea, add in the matcha powder with the icing sugar whilst making the frosting/icing :)


いただきます!! ケーキはおいしかった!

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