Saturday, January 18, 2014

Personal Invites seeming like they care about you, when the person next to you received the exact same message anyway

So you're lying down having a nice cup of tea, minding your own business when you receive a text message on your phone.

No, it's not a Whatsapp message. Not a spam email. And most definitely not a LINE,Viber or Kakao talk message.


The only ones that send SMS' to you these days are probably the phone company or centrelink.

Either way, to receive an SMS from a friend you haven't seen in months means its pretty important right?


It's SUPER important. Most definitely! I don't doubt this. Probably.

But it annoys me SO MUCH when it's so obvious that the message is a copy-and-paste message, message-blasted to all their contacts. It annoys me even more that the sender dares to write "how are you?" and "long time no see" as if they wrote the message JUST FOR YOU and as if they care, when really, they're just putting it in as a formality.

Perhaps to make it less obvious, they could have put my name in the message somewhere, to make it more personalised? Just to indicate that on a one-on-one personal level, they really are making an effort to reconnect with you and WANT YOU to come to their event.

And instead of using up all that credit sending bulk text messages, they could've just made an announcement on the Whatsapp group, where I wouldn't get over-excited whenever a message is posted there. Where I wouldn't be fooled into thinking that I'm 'special'. At least I know that messages on whatsapp group convos aren't always JUST for you.


I think that these invites are probably no better than spam and my level of annoyance to these types of things is just.. yeah.

But still, no matter the type of event, whether it be a wedding, or party.. I guess I'd have to appreciate that I am getting invited at all right?

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