Wednesday, February 5, 2014

That Dream Car

I've been thinking about my dream car for a while. And I've always wondered whether or not to go for class or comfort.

Ideally, I could have both. And I wish I could but lets be realistic. If I were to buy one now, my wallet wouldn't be able to afford one.



I've just recently watched a new video off youtube. About a new brand of car called Infiniti.

So in the video, theres a well-kept looking man in a suit who looks likes hes in a factory. But the thing is, he is the factorys product.  And he is on some sort of cable track in a line of other well-kept looking men that are being dressed by robots in the same look hes wearing. Along with the grey business suit that all 1000 of these "clones" are having put on, they are also given an accessory: the keys to an expensive-looking car. The expensive-looking car stereotypically imagined that rich people drive.

Yep. The rich peoples car: BMW and Mercedes.

Summing up that long story short. Theres a new sheek looking car in town for you rich people to show off your status and drive in, called Infiniti.

And to be honest it makes me mad because its JUST A CAR.

I dont understand the tendency for people to buy these cars. This concept is similar to an iPad. The only use an iPad is, is to show that you can afford an iPad. Same with these cars. There are perfectly better, and perhaps more comfortable cars in the market out there.

Its a sad story when you want to buy these items purely as a status symbol. in addition to all of this, it's all a marketing ploy.

I mean, what happened to looking at character first and displaying humility? These days, I feel like the simple things in life are being overlooked.

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