Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[Update] Exchanging AUD for JPY

Now that my trip to Japan is over, I think I can safely say that the rates in Japan are really Bad. With a capital B!

As you might know, I did not exchange any AUD in Osaka, but did in Kyoto. I also found a couple in Tokyo as well. 

In Tokyo, I exchanged at two places. One in Akihabara, using Travelex. And the other, at Shinjuku.. 


well at Akihabara Travelex, I believe we visited it on a Monday. And I think they were selling 80JPY for 1AUD.. big difference from the 90 at Sydney aye?

And at Shinjuku, the money exchange office was just outside Odakyu department store, near the west exit from Shinjuku train station. They were selling at 83JPY, and we visited it on a Tuesday, the 17th of December.

So yeah... if you guys want to know the exact places.. ermm... I can't really remember. LOL. 

But I saw that exchanging JPY for USD was so much better. It was like around 101JPY. Sooo much better. Such a pity we didn't bring any USD with us :(

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