Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Exchanging AUD for JPY in Sydney

Before departing for Japan, I've heard from a couple of people that it is best to cash up on the yen in Australia, rather than in Australia. These people are Japanese, or just people that travel to Japan regularly from Aus.

Apparently the exchange rate of the AUD in Japan isn't that great. However, I hear that the USD in Japan isn't too bad though. Well, this is what I hear, I haven't been to Japan yet. But Insha Allah I get to go soon!

So you're probably wondering where to get JPY? Well, depending on which part of Sydney you're living in, the Sydney CBD may be your best bet. I tried to get some JPY at Bankstown today.. but they did not have any. And well, why would they? Considering the demographic of the area, people would most likely want Middle Eastern cash.

Before heading off to the CBD, a cousin of mine that lives there and knows the city like the back of his hand actually recommended a good exchange place. It was on George St, and I think it was of the Western Union. They were selling JPY at 90yen! That was way better than the rates at the other places I saw that day. UAE Exchange was selling at 88, and Travel Money Oz was selling at 86! Of course, different branches would also vary, and I found other Western Union branches on George St varied as well.

Anyway, the point is.. THAT Western Union was the only one selling in the 90s! Oh! I wished I remembered it address! It was somewhere near the Goulburn St and George St intersection. I tried finding it on Google Maps, but I think Google Maps is seriously outdated.

The name of that western union I THINK was called "Money Exchange"?! LOL. I seriously can't remember. But it's not exactly a shop that you can walk in. It's more like a counter. And it's sign is a bright yellow, with green text.

Well.. I hope that helped...

Shop around before exchanging money! I sure did! I walked the entire George St from Broadway Shopping Mall to the Travel Money Oz in Wynyard.. and it was THAT Western Union "MONEY EXCHANGE" that gave me the best rate that day. My feet kill though. I hope they don't hurt when I'm in Japan! That would be the biggest bummer ever!

My mum's friend actually changes her money for JPY at Circular Quay. I didn't go to Circular Quay because she didn't say where exactly the place in Circular Quay was. But oh well.

So yeah!

I might be exchanging some money in Japan though. So I'll try to update on how that goes!


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