Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thinker vs Doer. So it's that time again...

I, am an ideas man.


Modesty and humility aside, I think I am quite the creative person. When I think of an idea, the idea is just BRILLIANT.
But well, the thing is, rarely do these absolutely fantastically brilliant ideas come to my brain. But when they do, expect a big bang.

So in reference to the title, I wonder if I'm a thinker or a doer. Lately, I "think" I am more of a doer. I've noticed that at University club meetings, I am just quiet... and I don't contribute much. And I partly blame this on my shy nature. But anyways, I am sitting there in the meeting, or even in class and people around me are contributing. They think of ideas that I KNOW I could've thought of myself.

And how do I KNOW that I will even think of those ideas? This is pretty lame excuse, but my brain is pretty slow. It takes probably half a day to process something, and just when I am in the middle of doing something random like preparing to go to bed.. or washing the dishes.. BAM. The idea comes to me and I kick myself in the leg asking myself why I didn't suggest it at the meeting.

The thing about me is, when I am into something.. my subconscious is still processing it throughout the day. and then BAM. yes. BAM.


But in the meanwhile, I go about doing DOER things. Which are: listening to orders and following them mindlessly. I don't want to to be a doer. DOERS are the ones that get stopped on. DOERS are the ones that have no voice. DOERS are the ones that cant stand up for themselves.

Yep, I think I am a DOER.

Hey, Doers aren't all that bad. They're hard-working and rarely do they procrastinate. They're easy going and easy to get along with. And quite frankly, thinking takes far too much of my energy. And I would prefer following orders than have to sit down and think of ideas.


Wait. I'm a procrastinator.. *FACEPALM*

But I REALLY want to become a THINKER. And I think I am a bit of both. I am a thinker some times.. when I have those BAM moments. And I'm also a doer.

The ultimate personality would be both. A thinker and a doer, without the negative traits.  A thinker, who gets ideas, and a doer. The one who will execute the ideas. I want to be both.

But if you can't be both, I guess that's how teamwork comes into play right? It's always good to have a partner, where you can invest in each other's skills. Your partner should preferably be someone that does not possess your negative traits. Someone like-minded, but different.


p.s. I think I have too many "The Castle" jokes in my blog. ahahahah. It would be pretty awkward, dear reader if you don't actually get the joke. *epic fail* *facepalm* *hides in corner*

well here it is for those that haven't watched this Aussie classic:

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