Friday, November 29, 2013

Home is where you feel safe

The concept of home is an interesting thing.

For example, when you're travelling overseas doing this and that and after a long day of trekking the rainforest or whatever, you've decided to go home.

Okay, not the best example.. but what I'm trying to say is, do you mean "go home to the hotel where you're staying at" or "go home back to Sydney"

It's interesting..

This sort of thought came to me since I'll be going to Indonesia in a couple of weeks. My parents are from Indonesia, making me a first generation Australian (is that right?). I am an Australian with an Indonesian background. Or an Indonesian-Australian.

Growing up, I was never really surrounded by lots of cousins, nor did I have countless wedding invites a month because a cousin or second-cousin or that other cousin was getting married. All of my blood-relations are overseas.

I guess it does feel like going home when going to Indonesia. But that doesn't mean I will not miss my home here in Sydney terribly.

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