Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Map of Masjids in Tokyo

So I will be going to Tokyo in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering how awesome it'd be to visit some masjids while I'm there!

I looked up a couple of websites, and they've listed quite a few! And also from other cities as well!

I thought it might be useful if I compiled them all and put all the Tokyo masjids onto one map. So that you can see which masjid is closer to where you are and can compare and stuff.

Some masjids I'm not too sure of the location, such as Shibuya Mushallah, Ikebukuro Mushallah, ShinOkubo Mushallah and I think Machida Mushallah. Basically all of the ones that I couldn't find a picture of (or couldn't see on Google maps), which is understandable since they're technically not what you call a mosque, but in the building itself which doesn't look like a mosque on the outside. Nevertheless, I've included them anyway.

So here's the link: Masjids in Tokyo

Credits go to these 2 websites where I found the addresses:

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