Thursday, January 15, 2015

Done with Honours and now job hunting

Well guys,

I'm back from a trip to Adelaide and now I have to get serious about my future. I have so many things I want to do right now. It is A GIANT LIST.
But the "thing to do" at #1 is making me accomplish that list very difficult. It's my number 1 priority and for some reason, my mind is telling me that if I DON'T do that #1, I CANNOT progress to the other stuff below it!

And you know what that #1 thing to do is?


And I've been pretty lenient on this one. ANY job. It doesn't even have to be a science job!

But I've been picky. My plan was not to get a full-time job until April. So there are only so many part-time and casual jobs out there right?
Well, the fact that I've mostly been going for the medical receptionist jobs doesn't really help either. But my plan was to have a part-time/casual job so I could have room for volunteering!

But insha Allah I get a job. I make do'a every day. So that my dreams come true. insha Allah!


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