Monday, December 29, 2014

Tonton Piggy Bank ~Naruto~

Hey guys!

I felt like being super creative and found hidden in my hoard a piggy bank painting kit. It was a gift from a friend for my 20th bday! And only now do I decided to paint it.

I am a major Naruto fan and thought immediately of painting Tonton!

So here it is! 3h work and super kawaii.


Starting to paint

 The finished product

I am so excited for the Naruto movie that's coming out! I've already booked my tickets in the cinema. I am SO glad and grateful that Australia is actually screening the movie in cinemas, even if it is only being shown for one day. So glad its only about a month after it premiered in Japan.

I am an avid NaruHina fan. Many of you Naruto fans could probably understand the overwhelming joy I felt when finding out in the last manga chapter that Naruto ended up with Hinata! :D :D

I cannot believe there were NaruSaku fans that were butthurt and going all hater against Kishi. Sheesh. So immature. The immature type are the ones that shipped Naruto and Sakura in the first place =_=
I hope they reveal Kakashis face in the movie.

Anyways. I'm excited!

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