Friday, October 17, 2014

Presentation downer

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to recount what happened the other day and how I went into a depression slump.

So I did a practice presentation in front of my lab group (and another lab group) today and one of the questions i got was during my 'question time' made me wish i had just disappeared. It was the SIMPLEST question ever. A question THAT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN after being in the group for 8 MONTHS. BUT I DID NOT KNOW.

And of course the group smirked at me when i said the wrong answer. I think my stupidity was revealed and now I can't face being back in there anymore.

Now that I've typed this, my way of trying to solve this problem of mine is really stupid.

I am now going to tell myself this:

DON'T LET THEIR OPINIONS OF YOU AFFECT YOU. Do your thing, make a lot of DUA and insha ALLAH when ALLAH SWT gives you the results you want, you can forget about this dilemma and laugh at yourself. INSHA ALLAH.

I guess because it was the first time that people's laughing at me.. actually affected me. Affected my pride? I'm generally a silly person and I think people laughing at you is a good thing. It means youre hilarious and fun to be around. But when they laugh at you because of something so OBVIOUSLY SHOWING HOW STUPID you are... that got me.

But I shall listen to my advice. Do my thing. Don't care what they think.

Just pray to ALLAH SWT. Amiin.

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