Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How's the Serenity...

How's the serenity indeed.

I have finished my uni exams!! Am now in party mode. I pray to God that I do not fail anything. Amen.

So, how I have spent these first few days of freedom you may ask?
By having a tea party!!

Sadly, I had it by myself. Care to join me in my little party? hahhah I cordially invite you all to sip a cold beverage of Lipton Ice Tea on this warm, almost-summer spring day. Served with fruits.
But sorry! I like to eat the skin on my fruits! It's full of fibre and is thus very good for you!!

just joking. I didn't eat this outside. I just layed it all to take a nice picture and post it on facebook to show off to my friends. To make it seem as if I'm enjoying my holidays without them, and giving the message: I don't need friends.


I am a very lonely person.

I find it very hard to type something smart, sophisticated and adventurous these days.

I must go and find a book. I can just feel my intelligence slipping away from me each soap opera that I watch.

But I'm really into what I'm watching right now. After that perhaps? Or maybe I can watch dramas at night and read in the day, or the other way around.

Anyway, I think that's enough for today.

Enjoy your holidays everyone!!


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